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Medicare Fraud Miami - Health Care FraudMEDICARE FRAUD MIAMI

Medicare Fraud is the most common of all Health Care Fraud prosecutions, which involve the investigation and prosecution of individuals and organizations who are defrauding public health care systems such as Medicare and Medicaid, and private insurance companies. Typically, areas investigated under health care fraud include: billing for services not rendered, billing for a higher reimbursable service than performed (upcoding), performing unnecessary services, kickbacks, durable medical equipment (DME) fraud, pharmaceutical drug diversion and Internet Pharmacy sales.

If you have been accused of healthcare or Medicare fraud in Miami, South Florida, or the United States you need an experienced, aggressive attorney to represent you. The documentation supporting healthcare fraud cases is voluminous, and can consist of tens of thousands of pages of medical records, claims forms, billing records and bank records. It is not unusual for the government to take months, if not years, to build a case. A successful defense requires an aggressive, thorough analysis of the evidence by a trained, experienced legal team.

Barry M. Wax is a dedicated and effective Criminal Defense attorney. He focuses on handling complex, white collar criminal cases. His experience defending health care fraud cases, coupled with his skillful courtroom advocacy and knowledge of criminal law and procedure uniquely qualify him to handle Medicare Fraud and Health Care Fraud cases in Miami, South Florida, and the United States.

Defending Medicare Fraud In Miami & South Florida

Barry M. Wax has vast experience defending health care fraud cases, having represented doctors, clinic owners, health care professionals and pharmacy owners, amoung others in Miami, South Florida, and the United States. The Medicare and Medicaid Programs and the accompanying regulations are so complex and confusing that even experienced health care professionals and managers may unknowingly violate the law. Any simple error may result in an audit and lead to a state or federal investigation. Failure to defend your case properly at the early stages can result in a criminal prosecution which carries possible prison time, monetary and asset forfeitures and the loss of medical and professional licenses.

If you believe that you are under investigation for Medicare Fraud or Health Care Fraud, have received a grand jury subpoena to testify or produce records, or if you have been charged with Medicare Fraud or Health Care Fraud in Miami, South Florida, or anywhere in the United States, your choice of a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make. You owe it to yourself to be fully informed before deciding. Call Barry M. Wax today for a consultation.

Medicare Fraud MiamiBarry M. Wax - The "Lawyer's Lawyer"

Considered a "Lawyer's Lawyer", Barry has earned his reputation in the area of complex criminal defense by his skillful courtroom advocacy and knowledge of criminal law and procedure. Many of his clients are in fact, lawyers.

In 2007, Barry was awarded the rating of AV Preeminent, by Martindale Hubbell, the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards, as voted on by his peers.

If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, the choice of a lawyer is the most important decision you will consider. Don't make that decision without being fully informed. Call our office today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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